• Are there good plays or theater, music available nearby?
    Yes. The Barbara Mann Theater, a few miles east on Summerlin, has a steady flow of outstanding Broadway and musical offerings. The price is right, they are close, and the excellent shows change frequently. Downtown Fort Myers has an outstanding performing group, their audience is drawn from all over the state. To our south in Naples, the symphony is world class. To our north, Sarasota, is considered the cultural center of Florida’s West Coast. The plays and music available are broad and very well done. 
  • Does our building have a fire sprinkler system?
    No, only the trash chute areas have sprinklers.
  • How are the area restaurants?
    About any national cuisine you desire is well done and nearby. You start with three superb restaurants right here on property flowing out to a lifetime supply of truly great ones. Rather than listing, I suggest go by word of mouth, you will be pleased.  Check the Reviews on this site, and be sure to add your own.
  • How do I get help in an emergency?
    Several sources, always following common sense and the rules of your own safety. Begin with the obvious, dial 911 declaring your emergency and requesting help at a specific location. Our resort is surrounded by Sheriffs sub stations, fire companies, and a modern well-equipped hospital a very few miles east on Summerlin.
  • I hear horror stories about driving in this area. Are they true?
    Not really, though you must back away from our native, big city aggressive driving habits. There are many older drivers in the area; they may signal left and turn right, stop in an intersection just to think things through, or suddenly decide to pull into your lane. Once firmly in the mode of “defensive driving”, your pace slowed just a bit, it all becomes a challenging pleasure. On season the roads are filled and major intersections do back up. We learn to time our travels.
  • I see people fishing from our beach and the hotel pier, may I?
    Yes. The state of Florida requires a “salt water” fishing license plus special tags for special fish. As a condo owner (or hotel guest) you are covered under the Resort license, you may fish on property, no special license required. You must know and obey the “keeper” rules covering in season and size. If you leave the Resort property, you must have your own personal tags and license.
  • Is there golf on the property?
    No, but you are surrounded by a wealth of courses that welcome daily players, some are nationally recognized. The hotel concierge or bell staff will provide a full briefing, provide directions, then set up T times for you.
  • Is there good shopping in the area?
    The best. You are surrounded by new supermarkets, the Factory Outlet Center, small Mom&Pop fruit stands, fresh seafood outlets, and specialty stores. You are within 45 minutes, north or south, of all the major store names you could desire.
  • May I BBQ on the porch or downstairs using the lawn or beach?
    Neither. The fire code prohibits open fire cooking on the porch or in the condominium. The kitchen range and stove are the cooking locations. Smoke from cookouts on the beach or lawn tends to fill the screened porches above, clearing the area of all other guests.
  • May I have a pet? How about briefly if my guest brings one?
    No, there are no pets allowed in the South Tower, even temporarily. Other than potential noise, there is the waste problem. Many owners and guests spend a great deal of time barefoot on the lawn or beach.
  • May I use the resort facilities?
    Yes. The Resort welcomes you into any area you choose. Some will require payment (a daily Spa charge if you are not a member, tennis court time) but the Resort is yours to enjoy. The pools, fishing pier, beaches, restaurants, etc. are all there for you and your guests.
  • The building is 12 stories high, how about fire escapes?
    Our building has a superb evacuation system. Each end (north and south) has a completely enclosed, fireproof escape stairwell running from top floor to ground level. Each floor has a fire hose. All equipment, detectors, and the alarm system (voice and claxon) are tested and maintained regularly.
  • What are the parking rules? May I park anywhere?
    As an owner, you may park in the owner’s garage (16 spaces for 77 condo owners) or anywhere on the South Tower outside lot. Owners are only allowed one car under the building at a time. You may not park on the North Tower lot, they hold that property as their own. A red “owners” windshield tag, available from our on site manger, should be in place. The owner’s garage is restricted to owners only; no storage, guests, children, or family.  Optionally, parking permits may be printed from this website and are required for guests and vendors.  Anyone without a valid permit may be tagged and towed.
  • What is the tax structure in Florida?
    Florida has no state income tax. There is a state “intangible” tax, a small percentage charged against the value of your investment portfolio. Real-estate taxes will vary of course, check with your realtor on that one. Should you, as a state resident, elect to apply for Homestead Exemption, you will receive a small ($25,000) reduction in the assessed value of your property plus an “annual tax growth cap."
  • When I purchase new furniture or appliances, do I need to do anything special to move it into my unit?
    Call Island Management at 239-472-5020 when you want to transport furniture in the elevators. They will notify the onsite manager, Tom Boehm. He will install safety padding to protect the walls.
  • Where do I go for mechanical or plumbing help?
    Word of mouth from fellow owners, contact Island Management at 239-472-5020, or drop in to see our on site manager, Tom Boehm, in his downstairs office. Island Management and Tom maintain a list of qualified professionals who have done quality work here in the past.  Check the Business Directory on this website and be sure to add vendors and review them for all to see.
  • Where do I vote?
    Florida residents of our Resort vote at the Shell Point retirement community. It’s very close, about one mile east on Summerlin.
  • Who do I call about installing hurricane shutters?
    Hurricane Shutter Specifications are detailed on this website under Helpful Information --> Specifications.  Call Island Management at 239-472-5020.
  • Who do I call about storage unit availability?
    Call Island Management at 239-472-5020. 
  • Who manages the property and how can I contact them?
    Island Management, manager Steve Mackesy at 239-472-5020 holds the management contract for our building. Tom Boehm is the on-site manager and he is on property every workday. His office is in the north end of our building beside his workshop, ground level. Tom, Steve, or their staff are expert at solving problems and answering questions.
  • Who provides security for the resort and the parking lot?
    The hotel no longer provides security service.  In case of emergency, contact Island Management at 239-472-5020 or dial 911.

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